The First World Invasion

by Abducted Child

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released September 24, 2012

Abducted Child - The First World Invasion

01 - Intro
02 - Prophecy (M: Anders & Zebacho, L: Anders and Andres Z)
03 - The First World Invasion (M & L: Anders)
04 - Absent Spirit (M: Anders & Diego L, L: Anders & Gabriel MB)
05 - Sometimes (M: Anders & Zebacho L: Anders)
06 - Lost In The Future (M: Anders & Zebacho, L: Anders)
07 - Beyond The Space (M & L: Anders)
08 - Hanged (M: Anders & Felipe R, L: Anders)
09 - Oncoming The Enemy (M & L: Anders)
10 - Lament Of The Last Human (M: Anders & Jaime O, L: Anders)

Anders Abducted: All instruments and programming

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Anders Abducted at Somewhere-in-a-Studio between August and September 2012.
Art work and Layout: Gabriel Hernandez

All songs arranged by Anders Abducted


This work is dedicated to the memory of a Dear friend that's no longer among us (Oscar Pirry R.I.P)

I want to thank first my family and my fiancée for the endless support, Sebastian "Zebacho", Felipe "choco" and Juan De Dios for sharing the last moments on stage with the band (I know there are more good times coming), Gabriel for this brutal art and unconditional support, Mario R (ñoñi), Alejandro O, Sebas V, Daniel Z, Daniel M, Carlos C (Necro), Gabriel MB, Andres G, Zabala, Diego L “Tripi”, Ferdi, Yenny V, Dave and Sebas from Nonsense Premonition, Kamo, Gonzalo (Absolution denied & Cromlech), Sebas and Elegia, Malsano, Mauro and Mindly Rotten, Thomas And Disentomb, Sarah Mpion, Alejo Ranchez, Chris S, Joseph B, Jose Alirio (Rickymetal), Alpino, Kike and Head Crusher, Danny Psicko, Dion, Riz, all past members (Sebastian G, Jaime O, Christian L) and everyone I’m forgetting thanks for the support.

No thanks to Secret societies and people against the progress of a free world.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Abducted Child Brisbane, Australia

The band was formed back in 2004, with Sebas G (guitar) and George (Bass), then Zebacho filled up the Drums position. 2005 some changes in the line up Anders (Guitars & Vokills), Zebacho (Drums) Felipe (Bass).
2006 Oncoming the enemy Demo
2007 Live abduction
Juan de Dios filled up the second guitar position.
2008 EP Prophecy Is True..The First World Invasion is near
2012 The First World invasion.
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Track Name: Prophecy
Now you need a world for you
and a life, the great life!
that have come in here
our mistakes, the mistakes
are marks, that fake our mind
the path is bashful

The world we live in
is over for me
their promised world
not in dreaming that was
Track Name: The First World Invasion
The day has come,
the day that everyone
have waited for and somebody
feels so scared
the sky's full of power,
the earth only dies,
their mind want to kill us,
we will have a revenge


they came to invade us,
they want to take our world,
at the gates of the invasion
they show us all their power.
they came to invade us,
this is the war of worlds,
when the first world invasion
have it's time we will die.

we are so impotent,
we are so weak,
our ignorance will be
the sentence of the world.

it's the time for the invasion,
when we'll know all the truth,
it's the glory of the intruders
the disgrace of the weaks.
the new world of the gods
is dead for everyone
all suffer in this time,
when we'll lose all this life.
Track Name: Absent Spirit
Look at the eyes
my voice is so low
now they have us
I feel the warm

heaven is burning
and is very hot
I fall to the abyss
now I'm just lost

I will sink my voice
ripping me in the action
I'll be the agony
your death and your pardon.

Absent spirit is
sinking my voice
telling my death
telling i'm lost

open your eyes
and feel the hot
the air is the abyss
your death and pardon
Track Name: Sometimes
I wanna sleep, sleep alone,
alone as ever I've been
being right is a solution
but I don't feel so
I wanna escape of my mental death,
that is near because I feel
this debility and this absence
in myself control.

as my mind, all it's sometimes

Just leave me then i'll sleep
forever like i used to
I'd wait to undertand
what they want to say me sometimes
But now is too late, I just die
dreaming in a future
it won't be repeated because
its absence

as my mind, all it's sometimes
Track Name: Lost In The Future
I came from the past to here
our life turned end
when you were playing
with our world from your will.

I remember what's going on
and not yet end
until you decide

what to do with my life
that is yours
for not react in the past

equal you've been driving us
in the way that
always you wanted

we have a future under your power
and we can't do
something for that

they heard
about you
but they
don't know you!

they think
what they do
satisfy you

you just
play and laugh
at them

they'll die
and they'll find their mistakes
Track Name: Beyond The Space
Something's waiting for us
to look out
for our mistakes

somebody control my mind
that will go
to them, Yeah!

They kill my mind
take my soul
end my life
rape my corpse
I found my tomb

between rare machines
my life just end
when will we know
the truth of their life?.

wake up run away
run for your life
or just die

they're coming now
to take you
and your soul, yeah!

Run to escape of death
save your life away of them
they will not have
mercy with us in our place
Track Name: Hanged
Don't try to breathe
this is your end
now you are only remains

your skin's rotten
your tongue is falling
now you're set to die

you cannot take
your decisions
you're sentenced
to burn

The slaughter begins
from your entrails
your body is hanged
from your neck

just stop to breathe
and let you die
you're sentenced to die

you're a psycho
you're murderer
you're killer
you will be...
you're psycho
you're murderer
you will be
burn in hell

you're gonna pay with
your dead for the pain
you're gonna live all
the suffering for this
Track Name: Oncoming The Enemy
Since the beginning
to the end
they are looking us
like a bullshit

They bring to here
all their weapons
now we're losing
all this war

Oncoming the Enemy

they take your mind
and read your thoughts
now you're losing
your life

you cannot take
your desicions
you're sentenced
to burn

They come to fuck you
they come to kill you
they'll consume you
you will die
Track Name: Lament Of The Last Human
I am alone in this world
the last victim of them
they had the fleet unfurled
getting ready to condemn
children tired of being encaged
savagely killed and rape
cities,landscape everywhere
flattened with their rage

Last, Human, Last!

They have done abductions
they came to destroy
will this nightmare finish
before I get killed?

everything started with
strange lights in the sky
we are now condemn
to their greedy hell